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Glenn D. Cunningham was a major proponent of education throughout his life and it was important to him that our youth, especially those with limited financial resources, have an opportunity to further their education. But Glenn knew that money was not the only resource that our youth lack. Our youth needs someone to help them gain a foothold and understand “the system”. They need additional guidance from someone who can show them how to navigate work and school to achieve goals and objectives. For this purpose, the Foundation, not only provides financial assistance to students but also given the opportunity for a one-on-one mentor relationship with positive role models to guide them in reaching their educational goals.

Mildred Antenor Educator
Larry Bembry Attorney
Karen Cannon Supervisor Continental Airlines
Phil Ciriello Accountant
Jeanne Critella Businesswoman
Sandra Cunningham State Senator
Karen De Soto Attorney
Joan Eccleston Jersey City Senior Services
Larry Eccleston Jersey City Senior Services
Elaine Gardner Educator
Pam Gardner Educator
Cynthia Harris Librarian
Sabrina Harrold Adminitrator Jersey City Government
Cynthia Jackson Judge at City of Jersey City
Gwen Jackson Educator
Sakeema James Legislative Aid
Robert Mays Educator
Roxanne Mays Educator
Delorres McMorrin Attorney
Maria Moore Businesswoman
Tom Murphy Fire Department Captain
Stephanie Panepinto Businesswoman
Lorenzo Richardson Accountant
Michelle Richardson Administrator New Jersey State Government
Amy Lin Rodriguez Educator
Rhudell Snelling Jersey City Police Detective
Tuesday Umphries Businesswoman
Jerry Walker Businessman
Ruvee Yao Businesswoman

To volunteer for the Mentoring Program of the Foundation, please see link below for Mentor’s Application form. Print the application, fill it out and send to the following address:

The Sandra and Glenn D. Cunningham Foundation
Newport Centre Mall
30 Mall Drive West
Jersey City, New Jersey 07310


Different “Hats” A Mentor Can Wear

  • Coach
    Someone who “teaches the ropes”, clarifies goals and development needs, provides feedback, clarifies and objectives and goals and gives insight into how to best operate in a school or work environment.

    Someone who demonstrates successful professional behavior so the mentee can observe how the person implements his/her ideas, handles the work place and approaches problems and career. This includes the mentor sharing personal work experiences/learning.

  • Counselor
    Someone who advices on school and career options, helps plan strategies to achieve career goals, and provides a helpful/confidential forum for exploring personal and professional dilemmas. Also communicates the informal and formal realities of progressing within an organization or in school.
  • Developer
    Someone who recommends classes, training programs, seminars, professional organizations and other enrichment tools. Provide opportunities to help translate experience into learning.

    Someone who creates opportunities for the mentee to demonstrate competence when and where it counts. This may include things such as taking the mentee to work or on other outings that will enhance his/her visibility and understanding of work and life.

    Someone who helps to expand the mentee’s network of personal and professional contacts.

  • Friend
    Someone who provides support and encouragement, a safe and confidential environment for venting frustrations and anxieties, and possibly shares interests and experiences.